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Women's Mission Union

The WMU’s five strategic principles of missions is a comprehensive approach to missions in the church.These principals are fully integrated into WMU’s ministries and organizations. A ministry in which women experience missions in their prayers, in their programs, and in their activities.

They are: • Pray for and give to missions • Do missions • Learn about missions • Develop spiritually toward a missions lifestyle • Participate in the work of the church and denomination

They integrate these principles into their group meetings, their seasonal studies on missions, their promotion of missions offerings, and their promotion of weeks of prayer for missions.  They also infuse a mission mindset into the lives of our children by leading preschoolers to be Mission Friends and young girls to be Girls in Action, also known as G.A.’s.

WMU Group Meetings

Floretta Boyd Group    Dir. Pat Hewitt                  Meets 2nd Monday @ 10:00 am in the Church Parlor 


Neale Young Group     Dir. Margaret Collins        Meets  2nd Tuesday @11:-00 am at O’Hara’s


Helen McCormick Group   Dir. Barbara Baker     Meets 3rd Monday @ 6:30 pm. Check with the church office for location.

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