Youth Ministry
What is the Y.O.U.T.H. Ministry of Mullins FBC about?
We strive to Yield to God in worship and Offer ourselves to do His work. We long to Unite with one another in fellowship and Teach each other everything He has commanded us as we take part in the Harvest of new believers.
I believe the training of students to be disciples is to make them disciples who make disciples. Students are the church of today and are capable of using their skills and burdens to serve others today. At Mullins FBC, students involved in the youth ministry will receive Bible training through Sunday School, wisdom (or topical) training on Wednesday nights, and leadership training on Sunday nights.
Students will (through our varying programs and special events) be equipped to share in the love of the total church body and ministry of reconciliation to a world without Christ. That means that they will be given tools and opportunity to use their tools for ministry to other believers and non-believers. Opportunities for local ministry, camps, conferences, and more are scattered throughout the year.
Much has been made in media about students who graduate from high school also ‘graduate’ from church and leave their faith behind. At Mullins FBC, we believe strongly that students who are a part of the whole church (as opposed to just attending a youth ministry program) are highly more apt to take their faith with them -and grow in their faith- through college, careers, and into their adult life. That is why we will have several programs and events throughout the year created for two or more generations to engage in at the same time. Active students will receive prayer mentors, coaches, and ‘adoptive’ family members throughout the church.