We Don’t Judge Them, We Just Feed Them.

Our mission is to offer homemade soup, sandwich, beverage and the love of Jesus Christ to those in our community that are in need.

This is an interfaith ministry that has recognized God’s voice and answered His call.  By serving a bowl of soup and a sandwich we share His love and grace.

We believe that…..The love of God is something to share.
Feeding the hungry is what God has called this ministry to do.
Every human should be treated with dignity and respect, therefore we treat all people that eat at our Soup Kitchen as our guest and everyone is welcomed at our table.  Everything we do, we do to glorify God.

“Sharing God’s love with a bowl of soup”
 Beacon Ministry soup kitchen is supported entirely by donations.  As Jesus fed 5000 with only 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish, we too hope to serve 1000’s.  Donations of any size are gladly welcomed.  We also welcome anyone who would like to volunteer.
Donations of Any Size is Appreciated!!!

Super Saint 
Bread Winner $250.00
Daily Bread $100.00
Did You Know???
Marion County has a poverty rate of over 25% with 8% classified as extreme poverty.  Unemployment continues to be over 20%.  Most shocking is the fact that over 31% of the children in Marion County live in poverty.  80% of the students in the Mullins School District qualify for the  free or reduced lunch.  Over 40% of families live below the poverty level and have a taxable income of $8,000 or less.
The Mullins First Baptist Church Soup Kitchen just celebrated 10 years of serving the community soup and sandwiches.  We have served over 180,000 bags of soup in the 10 years.