Mullins First Baptist Church
Sunday, March 29, 2015
Living Life Together ...... in Christ!


Sunday Activities:
6:00 pm  -  Elevate
6:30 pm  -  Bible Drill & Team Kids
Wednesday Activities:
3:00 - 6:30 pm  -  Children's Choir
6:00 pm  -  Mission Friends
6:30 pm  -  Preschool Choir
6:30 pm  -  GA's & RA's
Discipleship Training:
Discipleship Training is offered on Sunday Nights and includes activities such as TeamKID, which combines games with bible learning.  TeamKID is broken into three groups - ages 3-5, grades 1st -3rd, and 4th - 6th graders.  Our 4th-6th graders also participate in Bible Drills, and we have had a number of state finalists. During the summer, the children's activities included Sunday night worship- Wiggle Worship and JAM (Jesus And Me).
Children's activities also include seasonal functions such as Back to School Fun, Vacation Bible School, Christmas Parties, Superbowl Party, Easter Egg Hunt and the ever popular Getting out of School Party. The kids love getting together and there is a great staff to help make sure the kids have fun with activities, but also learn the love of Christ in the process.
Mission Friends  |  GA's  |  RA's  |  Bible Drills  |  TeamKid  |  Choir